Operational Process Redesign

Business Management starts with well-orchestrated internal processes that are supported by strong, flexible systems. We will analyze the current state of an organization's operational processes and infrastructure and seek innovative alternatives to enhance efficiency and effectiveness. Sarbanes-Oxley related process risks are considered in the development of these alternatives.

Areas of specialization include Finance and Accounting, Supply Chain and Logistics, Procurement, and Revenue Cycle improvement.

Our approach incorporates the following steps:

  • An in-depth analysis of the current state including a review of organizational models, critical processes (inputs and outputs), systems and primary interfaces.
  • Comparison of current state to best practice industry and process models, including an examination of Sarbanes-Oxley related risks and controls.
  • Identification of issues and opportunities that match your organization's strategic and operational priorities.
  • Identification of a detailed implementation roadmap.
  • Project management and implementation support.
  • Post-implementation review.




Operational Process Redesign
Performance Management

Spend Analysis




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