Spend Analysis

A Spend Analysis provides a company with a greater understanding of their current operational spend, which ultimately will help to identify prioritized opportunities for savings through strategic sourcing and cost controls.

Through the use of a proprietary database and report generator, Summit View Consulting creates a Spend Profile that enables a company to better identify and understand:

  • The specific expense categories that absorb the greatest amount of the compay's total spend.
  • The top dollar vendors that the company uses, along with their percentage of the total company spend.
  • The level of indirect expenditures by expense category, by vendor.
  • The dollar categorization and number of invoices received by the company.
  • The dollar composition and number of payments made to all vendors processes in the Accounts Payable system.
  • The level of indirect expenditures by department, by expense category.
  • The annualized spend of the most recent fiscal quarter.




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Spend Analysis




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